We're a community-oriented motorcycle club located in Watertown, NY. Muleskinners MC believes in total freedom, but our members share a common bond built on a foundation of Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Strength and Benevolence. Our patch represents these values and our commitment to the communities we serve. 

What is a muleskinner? The mule is a determined animal with a high intelligence level and is often considered difficult to handle. A muleskinner knows how to handle these animals and is experienced in working in the most challenging situations to achieve and accomplish any goal.

Our Mission

The Muleskinners MC NEW YORK provides an open and friendly atmosphere for all riders, that provides a safe, fun and enjoyable riding experience and creates a riding club where everyone is excited about the riding experience, as well as creating new, long-lasting friendships. Outside of our interest and involvement in riding related activities, our club is comprised of local business owners and community members, with a primary mission of providing not-for-profit support to community organizations and the citizens of the greater Watertown, NY area.

How you can help

Donate Today

Your direct donation will be applied directly back into our community. By donating to Muleskinners MC, you're helping local people, help local, worthy causes. Donating helps our organization hold fundraising events, purchase goods to be donated, and act as direct charitable contributions. 


Show your support for our community by purchasing Muleskinners support items.

Did you know?

While most organizations vary in their administrative expenses, some only get a little as 25 cents on the dollar to their intended organizations. Muleskinners MC NEW YORK has an aspirational goal that a minimum of 91% of all donations reach LOCAL AREA charities and causes. As our organization grows and matures, the achievement of our philanthropic efforts will be 100% transparent to the public, and all expenditures will be fully disclosed on a quarterly basis.

Help us continue our work

If you're a local business or someone who is interested in helping Muleskinners MC New York at any of our events or are looking to collaborate on charitable efforts, send us an email and we'll be happy to work with you.

Contact us

Telephone: +1 315 775 8338

Address: 164 Main Street, Glen Park, NY 13601